Past Winners

* identifies individuals who received jobs with Trans Canada Airlines or Air Canada.

2018 (August 20–25, at Seneca College — Peterborough, Ontario)

On the left, Jonathan Littler, runner up. On the right Carter Simpson, Winner of the 2018 Webster Memorial Trophy.
  • Winner: Carter Simpson (Seneca College — Peterborough, Ontario)
  • Runner-up: Jonathan LIttler (Harv’s Air)

2017 (August 21–26, at Mitchinson Flight Centre — Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

  • Winner: Liam Cohen (Seneca College)
  • Runner-up: Owen Titerle (Coastal Pacific Aviation)

2016 (September 20–24, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Mark Crha (Seneca College)
  • Runner-up: Michael Bryson (Harv’s Air)

2015 (Aug. 18–22, in Delta, B.C.)

  • Winner: Zhaoyang David Shi (Moncton Flight College)
  • Runner-up: Jack Bradshaw (Brampton Flight Centre)

2014 (Aug. 18–23, in Kitchener, Ont.)

  • Winner: Sebastien Leduc (Seneca College)
  • Runner-up: Andrew Bryson ( Harv’s Air)

2013 (August 19–24, in Winnipeg, Man.)

  • Winner: Takashi Hirose (Algonquin College/ Ottawa Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Stuart Loney (Brampton Flight Centre)

2012 (August 15–18, in Ottawa, Ont.)

  • Winner: Andrew Woods (Confederation College)
  • Runner-up: Andrew Burns (Coastal Pacific)

2011 (August 17–20, in Saint-Frédéric, Beauce, Que.)

  • Winner: Kevin Aalders (Centennial Flight Centre)
  • Runner-up: Justin Mailman (Moncton Flight College)

2010 (August 18–21, in Calgary, Alberta)

  • Winner: James Pouget (Centennial College/Durham Flight Centre)
  • Runner-up: Cameron MacLean (Coastal Pacific Aviation)

2009 (August 19–22, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Cory Raby (Algonquin College)
  • Runner-up: Kevin Dhaliwal (Coastal Pacific Aviation)

2008 (August 19–23, in Moncton, New Brunswick)

  • Winner: Sandeep Nagpal* (Brampton Flight College)
  • Runner-up: Trevor LeMarquand* (Moncton Flight College)

2007 (August 22–25, in Ottawa, Ontario)

  • Winner: Andrew Midcalf (Brampton Flight College)
  • Runner-up: Andrew Kent (Edmonton Flying Club)

2006 (August 23–26, in Victoria, British Columbia)

  • Winner: Francis Yannuzzi (Brampton Flight College)
  • Runner-up: Etienne White (Victoria Flying Club)

2005 (August 24–27, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Yorgo Roumanis (Victoria Flight Club)
  • Runner-up: Matthew MacKinnon (Moncton Flight College)

2004 (August 18–21, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)

  • Winner: Blake Drader (Coastal Pacific Aviation, Abbotsford)
  • Runner-up: Alexander Wood (Seneca College, Toronto)

2003 (August 20–23, in Ottawa, Ontario)

  • Winner: Andrew McKechnie (Seneca College, Toronto)
  • Runner-up: Jean-Francois Brunet (Montreal, Quebec)

2002 (August 21–24, in Thunder Bay, Ontario)

  • Winner: Landon Sexsmith (Confederation College)
  • Runner-up: Andrew McKechnie (Seneca College, Toronto)

2001 (August 22–25, in Edmonton, Alberta)

  • Winner: Sancho McCann (Flying Colors Pilot Training, Winnipeg)
  • Runner-up: Jean-Philippe Bussieres (Greenwood, Nova Scotia)

2000 (August 24–26, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Logan Peloso (Seneca College, Toronto)
  • Runner-up: Christopher Brunner* (Montair Aviation, Delta, B.C.)

1999 (August 25–28, in Winnipeg, Manitoba)

  • Winner: William Vanderburgh (Seneca College, Toronto)
  • Runner-up: Yannick Charland (Confederation College)

1998 (August 26–29, in St. Hubert, Quebec)

  • Winner: Andreas Schulz* (Coastal Pacific, Abbotsford)
  • Runner-up: Philippe Isabel (Aerotaxi, St. Hubert, P.Q.)

1997 (September 13–14, in Regina, Saskatchewan)

  • Winner: Bryan Scott* (Career Academn, Halifax)
  • Runner-up: Colin Graham (Westair Aviation)

1996 (September 12–14, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Melanie Rader (London Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Bart Postma (Confederation College)

1995 (September 11–13, in Ottawa, Ontario)

  • Winner: Shelley Breedon (Barrie Flight Centre)
  • Runner-up: Graham Palmer (Victoria Flying Club)

1994 (September 12–14, in Victoria, B.C.)

  • Winner: Joel Dopp (Skywatch – Waterloo)
  • Runner-up: Gillian Watt* (Toronto Airways)

1993 (September 9–11, in Halifax, N.S.)

  • Winner: Tracy Biddle* (Victoria flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Heather Burkholder* (Waterloo-Wellington Flying Club)

1992 (September 14–17, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Glennis Walsh* (Sault College)
  • Runner-up: Luc Martineau* (Dynamair Aviation, P.Q.)

1991 (September 13–17, in Calgary, Alberta)

  • Winner: Mark Webster (Winnipeg Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Amy O’Riley* (Coastal Pacific – Abbotsford)

1990 (September 11–13, in St. Hubert, P.Q.)

  • Winner: Rick Bouwman (Pitt Meadows)
  • Runner-up: Alan Daniel* (Kingston/Brampton Flying Clubs)

1989 (September 21–23, in Winnipeg, Manitoba)

  • Winner: Sherri Kantymir (Thunder Bay)
  • Runner-up: Dominic Barnes* (St. Hubert, P.Q.)

1988 (September 15–17, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Colin Finlay* (Skycraft Air Transport)
  • Runner-up: Arnim Vogel (Kingston Flying Club)

1987 (September 17–19, in Ottawa, Ontario)

  • Winner: Michael Deacon (Moncton Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Greg Trigonakis (Air Tuteurs Ltee)

1986 (September 10–13, in Edmonton, Alberta)

  • Winner: Alex Robertson* (Selair Pilots)
  • Runner-up: Paul Salanki (St. Catherines F.C.)

1985 (September 13–15, in St. Hubert, Quebec)

  • Winner: Mark Jobling* (Brampton Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Mary Cameron (Greenwood Flying Club)

1984 (September 12–15, in Waterloo, Ontario)

  • Winner: Stephen Bowyer (Brampton Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Bruce Klassen* (Windsor Flying Club)

1983 (September 15–17, in Calgary, Alberta)

  • Winner: Wm. R. Sipes (Waterloo-Wellington F.C.)
  • Runner-up: Fred Atkin (Winnipeg Flying Club)

1982 (September 16–18, in Moncton, New Brunswick)

  • Winner: Brian Shury* (Regina Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Kevin Watchorn* (Calgary Flying Club)

1981 (September 25–26, in Winnipeg, Manitoba)

  • Winner: Lucas Dmysh (Brampton Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Michael Biehl* (Moncton Flying Club)

1980 (September 25–27, in Brampton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Dennis Guay* (Edmonton Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Trevor Griffith (Winnipeg Flying Club)

1954 (July 29–30, in British Columbia)

  • Winner: Robert P. Purves (Winnipeg Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: R. Douglas Nassey (Aero Club of B.C.)

1953 (September 25, in Quebec, P.Q.)

  • Winner: E. Glen McLarty* (Central Airways, Toronto)
  • Runner-up: William A. Young (Kingston Flying Club)

1952 (August 28, in Winnipeg, Manitoba)

  • Winner: H.T.A. “Happy” Wells* (Aero Club of B.C.)
  • Runner-up: Charles F. Vaughn (St. Catherines Flying Club)

1951 (September 6–7, in Kingston, Ontario)

  • Winner: Donald G. Fisher* (Kingston Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Norman A. Vose (Aero Club of B.C.)

1950 (September 1–2, in British Columbia)

  • Winner: Edwin O. Mona (Aero Club of B.C.)
  • Runner-up: Donald G. Fisher* (Kingston Flying Club)

1949 (September 9–10, in Windsor, Ontario)

  • Winner: Donald Jacques (Aero Club of B.C.)
  • Runner-up: David Francis (Brandon Flying Club)

1948 (September 3–4, in Calgary, Alberta)

  • Winner: John H. Blackburn (Edmonton Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Lawrence Sargant (Ontario County F.C.)

1947 (September 5–6, in Ontario County F.C.)

  • Winner: Chas. Wm. Wilson (Aero Club of B.C.)
  • Runner-up: Moretta F. Beall (Ottawa Flying Club)

1939 (September 16, in Toronto, Ontario)

  • Winner: Rene Simard (Montreal, P.Q.)
  • Runner-up: Frank Vines (London Flying Club)

1938 (September 16, in Toronto, Ontario)

  • Winner: Gordon R. McGregor* (Kingston Flying Club)

1937 (September 10–12, in Hamilton, Ontario)

  • Winner: B.J. Bourchier

1936 (August 22–23, in Kingston, Ontario)

  • Winner: Gordon R. McGregor* (Kingston Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: C.E. Lloyd (Toronto, Ontario)

1935 (August 17, in Montreal, P.Q.)

  • Winner: Gordon R. McGregor* (Kingston Flying Club)
  • Runner-up: Roy H. Foss (Montreal, P.Q.)

1934 (September 8–9, in Toronto, Ontario)

  • Winner: Edward C. Cox (Montreal, P.Q.)
  • Runner-up: George Lothian* (Vancouver, B.C.)

1933 (October 21–22, in Hamilton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Edward C. Cox (Montreal, P.Q.)
  • Runner-up: James Neeve (Toronto Flying Club)

1932 (September 17–19, in Hamilton, Ontario)

  • Winner: Edward C. Cox (Montreal, P.Q.)
  • Runner-up: Daphne Paterson (Saint John, N.B.)

* identifies individuals who received jobs with Trans Canada Airlines or Air Canada.