How to Apply

Applications for the 2022 Webster Trophy Competition are now being accepted.

The 2022 national finals will be conducted at Southern Interior Flight Centre in Kelowna, B.C. from 22 to 28 August 2022.  Complete applications must be received by 15 June 2022.

General Guidelines for Applying to the Webster Trophy Competition:

Applicants for the Webster Trophy Competition will be asked to submit an application form, application fee along with the results of a recent flight test.  After submitting these documents, applicants will be invited to complete an online examination.  National finalists will be selected based on a blended score from the flight test and online examination.

    • The application fee can be paid by interac e-Transfer to
    • The flight test can be either a licensing flight test used to obtain a Private or Commercial Pilot Licence or a special “Webster Flight Test”.  The flight test must have been conducted by a Transport Canada designated Pilot Examiner for Private or Commercial Pilot flight tests.
    • The online examination has been created by NAV CANADA and covers air traffic procedures and aerodrome operating procedures.  Details for completing the online examination will be provided to applicants who have submitted their complete application package as described above.

More detailed information is available from The Webster Competition Administrator at


Two equivalent versions of the Webster application form are attached, one in MSWord and one as a .pdf document.  Either format can be submitted.  Select the format that is easiest for you to use.

To use MSWord:          select this link  ––->   Webster Application 2022 (MS Word)

  • Open the document and enter your information in the shaded spaces of the form.
  • Sign the document electronically, if you are able – OR – print the form, signed the printed copy, scan the signed copy to be sent to

To use .pdf:                   select this link  ––->  Webster Application 2022 (.pdf)

    • If able, fill in the document using the “Fill & Sign” feature of Adobe – OR – print the blank document and add the information by hand, scan the completed document
    • send it to