COPA Now Hosting the Webster Website


Since the very first Webster Trophy Competition was held in 1932, the Webster Team has relied heavily on our supporters to make the competition a success.  Some supporters provide cash to cover the competition costs; others provide prizes and awards to the national finalists; some help with the operation of the actual competition; some provide meaningful experiences for our national finalists; some help the Webster Team with the administration of the competition.

COPA has agreed support Webster by hosting of our website.  In fact, the site you are now viewing is actually located on the website.  Maintaining our website has been a challenge for the Webster Team.  We wish to thank the various volunteer webmasters who, over the years, have helped us to keep a web presence for the Webster Trophy.  Now, with the assistance of COPA and Philippe Lemay of LudoStudio, we look forward to a professional website to record events and provide information about a significant piece of Canada’s aviation history.

The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association has for many years been a Webster supporter, providing the national finalists with a one-year membership in COPA.  In addition, over the years COPA has attended the national finals of the Webster Trophy Competition and published articles in its various publications describing the Webster Trophy Competition to Canada’s General Aviation community.  The Webster Team and COPA’s Manager of Government Affairs and Communications have been in discussions about how COPA can go even further to support the Webster Trophy Competition — and we quickly identified hosting our website as one way COPA could expand its support.

The Webster Team thanks COPA and Philippe Lemay of LudoStudio for being willing to host our site and for the work, effort, and skill it has taken to get our new website online.  We look forward to a long association with COPA as a valued supporter of Webster.

We hope you continue to enjoy our website and Facebook page and that you find the information useful.  By the way, although the actual website material is now hosted on a new computer server, our website address remains unchanged: and you can still follow us on Facebook – we’re The Webster Memorial Trophy.


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